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Are you talking about Spengler's book ? I haven't read the full thing but I've seen a few summaries.

His whole idea is that civilizations are like living things that have a life cycle. He talks about older civilizations and how they were born, grew up, became mature and then decayed just as people do. Great civilizations tend to expand in some way, and during that expansion they basically found smaller civilizations that become the 'children' that will inherit parts of the old civilization and pass the torch on.

It's somewhat blackpilled in a way, because he views the process is basically being inevitable. What that means for us is that we can't save our civilization, at least not forever. The white pill in all of it is that from the death of existing civilizations, new civilizations can be born. Maybe the alt-right can be part of that rebirth.

This is just a brief summary based on me reading some summaries, youtube videos (check the Oswald Spengler youtube channel) and various other sources so it's not really a full representation of his ideas. I didn't see anyone else respond though.