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I was surprised too. I didn't know Australians were so based.


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If they did air it here, they would edit the shit out of it to make that guy seem as racist as possible.


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Our media are generally either owned by globalists or USA companies. They are constantly trying to control the narrative and force leftist shit down our throats.

Fortunately, Australia has a culture of 'saying it how it is' so you can speak to most Aussie's about race issues without a problem.

We did happen to conquer the continent with the absolute least genetically related humans to us, so dealing with them for the last couple of centuries had lead to a strange mixture of guilt and frustration from the fact that integration into what is supposedly a 'multicultural' society, has been possible for everyone, aside from Aboriginals and Africans. Hell, even our Middle Eastern immigrants play reasonably nice.

Though in the Abo's case our government has been spending around $45k p.a. per person on welfare and social programs. That's not just adults, that's 45k per year per Aboriginal every year for over a decade and still even the Government states "This major investment, maintained over so many years, has yielded dismally poor returns to date".

They are very intelligent, but not in a way compatible with modern society, they are what I imagine one of the hybrid hominids between neanderthals and humans would have been like. They are amazing when out in their local area (well the older generation was, now the younger ones have barely had parents due to welfare so a lot of the old skills are being lost) picking up on tracks and signs that you and I would never notice.


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Our middle eastern migrants do not play nice, ever heard of the Melbourne mafia? Muslim Lebanese, the ice racket in western Sydney used to be the Korean gangs but they're being pushed out by the wog gangs. We don't have a Belgian special crimes squad, but we do have a specialist middle eastern crime squad. You might think they're nice because you don't hear about their shit on the news but they're here doing drive by shootings every other week, their community hides them from the cops and we just don't talk about it.


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