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Netflix is deleting and reposting the video apparently to "reset" the downvotes. But the number keeps climbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LzggK5DRBA


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I don't see them reposting the video but they are 100% deleting comments.


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They delete sensible comments that call out how it's racists towards white people, comments by black people who don't like it and leave things like "Dear black people. If you don't like it then may I suggest you go back to Africa?".


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Can you please provide more proof?

Last night before I went to bed it was at about 3000 Likes/30,000 Dislikes, When I woke up 2 hours ago the video was at around 4,000 Likes/80,000 Dislikes. Now, 2 hours later, the video is at 5,000 Likes/107,000 Dislikes. I would say that trend is fairly normal and there is no funny business going on with the numbers, but the fact that I had to reapply my dislike was worrisome. So, take this post with a grain of salt.


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Published on 8 Feb 2017

(The first one that was posted, was before the above date)

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Us goys need to continue to reply to comments on this video and T_D pointing out that this creator is not white. I've seen a ton of JQ redpilling on this video already.


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You'd think they'd learn from MTV, but I guess they are retarded as well.


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(((Coincidence))) is a hell of a drug.

I knew a goy who smoked just one (((coincidence))), now he's a stay at home dad for his girlfriend's son.

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Again..... This show was announced a year ago by Netflix, before Soros was a stock holder.


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As much as I dislike the man. I don't like the boogeyman-ing that goes on with him. It's not just (((him))) it's all of (((them)))


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Jewflix users are mostly white. What did they expect?

Dear Netflix, fuck you kikes!


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Goodbye forever, 'white guilt'. You were a cunt and a lie.


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I went ahead and saved the video, just in case they try to take it down.


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We have finally reached a point in society where white people cannot fucking stand the anti-white propaganda which is shoved down their throats daily. Not in education. Not in media. Not in politics. White advocacy is in and that means no longer minding the nonintellectual blithering of ape people and jewish instigators that will always hate them.

Yes, they will always hate you white man. They can't stand you. No amount of sacrifice or self-loathing will make them stop hating you. They want you browbeaten, humiliated, attacked and ultimately extinct. But did you think this behavior would go on forever? Did they really think that by holding the people they owe everything to in open contempt for decades wouldn't result in a backlash? The media itself is being disregarded in mass. Racial tensions couldn't be higher. Where there was once self-hating, guilt ridden whites were shaming their own people with fallacies, there is now unrepentant animosity towards this as these miserable worms are labeled the cuckolds that they rightfully are.

It's a bright new future and we have the masses of subhuman muds and the audacious yids that empower them to thank for finally pushing whitey to a breaking point.


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great comment - I think this forging of a white identity and racial consciousness is the best thing to happen in 2016, among the many other incredible things. And look how strong it's becoming - most of the left's slanders and attacks backfire on them or fall to the ground impotently. Now once this attitude makes it to our spineless politicians, imagine what a world that will be.


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Damn not even a month in office and the left is already campaigning for his run in 2020.

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