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So, what if you don't like a mod, but they also clear out legitimate spam? Now your whole mod team has to individually mark spam as confirmed and delete it, in order to hide it.

Consider instead maybe adding a way for subscribers to the subverse to (semi-?) permanently vote out any moderator who is abusing their power in some way. Or maybe just a per-subverse option to ignore moderator removal of content, if you just disagree with the whole moderator staff or the idea of removing even irrelevant content.


[–] Possible 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

You aren't really asking me a question. You just assumed a response that I did not provide, and made up a problem that must follow my imaginary response.

How would I respond to this question? If I don't like a moderator, and my decision to turn off their moderation of my experience has some drawbacks, then that's life. Everyone else will make their own decisions for their own reasons.