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...Ey man can you write up some yuri, with micropenis futa maids, and the other one having a micro penis fetish?


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The closest thing I could find offhand, somewhat old.

"hmmmm whats this?" Erin whispers in yana's ear as he kisses her neck. He reaches into yana pants and rubs on her dicks head, send shivers up her spine, and pulls it out.

'Erin not here!' Yana moans.

"How cute" He says softly as he pets the top of the light blue dick, rubbing it and watching it get hard.

"3 inches, my favorite" He whispers in yanas ear as he taps on the shaft, once for each inch.

'Well if I have to have mine out you have to have yours out too!' Yana says pouting. Yana quickly reached down and pulled Erins soft dick out.

'First you have to play my game before you get to play with me' She said with a playful smirk.

'The only rule is no getting hard' with that Yana kissed the top of Erins soft member, and cupped it in her hands.

'Now aren't you the cutest little dick ever' Yana said as she played with his soft dick.

"Please Yana" Erin gasped through bit lip, struggling to stay soft.

'Why didn't you tell me you had such cute little balls' Yana said in respond, fondling them in her hands.

'I could just wrap these up into a present and put a little cute bow on them, and they'd be mine' She says as she strokes them, petting like you would a cat.

'Oh, is mister floppy noodle feeling left out?' Yana says as she kissed the dick on the top then put it in her mouth.

She wrapped her tongue around it, swirling around the ridge behind the head and felt it start to get hard.

She pulled her mouth off it with a pop and tapped the dick with a finger as if to scold it.

'Hey mr dick, I said you weren't allow to do that!' With that she pressed the head down slightly like a button.

'Boop! Now look at you, your all hard, 3 inches attentive, you're so bad at this game' Yana whispered giggling to herself.

"Guess i'm just a bad boy" Erin said in yanas ear he bit down on her ear and qickly grabbed her dick, causing her to eep.

'Hey no FairahhhHH--' Yana moaned as she was cut off by Erin rubbing right under the head with a smirk.

From there is quickly became a free for all as yana lunged latched onto Erins dick and sucked on the tip, causing precum to leak out and him to shudder. To which He retaliated by running the tip of his cat tail down the middle of the underside of Yanas, down the middle of her tight trembling ballsack. Yana responded by wrapping her hands around every part of his dick and massage and jerk it, feeling every twitch and trembling as it started it started leaking precum through her fingers, which yana used to polish everything shiney. But Erin started getting more aggresive with his tail as precum started flowing freely, Yana moaning deeping as she started feeling a deep tingling urning sensation as her groin. It sent goosebumps and tingles up her spin. It was a growing swelling sensation, like all her excitment and energy was going to escape in sudden blissful release, like a sneeze or a yawn. It was numbing her mind, as her hand movements became spaztic, she could feeling Erins was close too, with his quivering shiney memember. And with that, Yana came for the first time out of her cute little 3inch blue and pink dick, in union with Erin, launching pearly white cum onto each other. With what felt like the excitement and adrenaline of a rollercoster leaving her body in liquid form, and the pleasure and contentness of a good meal, Yana fell exhausted onto Erin. Curling up on his chest as she experianced a sudden wave of drowsyness, her dick laying on his, like two doves in a lover's nest, she whispered into his ear: 'Lets Do that again some time'. and with a nod and a kiss from Erin, they fell asleep together.


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OP fucking delivers.

Quality shit posting, to the point where I showed this a friend, and he fapped so much he ripped his dick of. He is now bleeding to death. You murderer.