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Techtronix unique compared to other networks are two basic points: dedication and features. That is, not including the individual personalities found in the staff and the most vocal network users :)

Based on the comments on this post, it sounds like your staff and users are very dedicated. I hope that you are successful and that call communities find a home with Techtronix.

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This network has WAY to much drama, false accusations, and self-centered administrators. I moved my large subreddit off of there because of the drama.

11/10 would, and should, avoid.

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In addition, I would appreciate if my full name was not posted on various websites in a very inappropriate and immature manner.

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To go with point #7, River changed my nick to ILoveToSuckDicks.

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/u/AbsurdTech & /u/craftbot101 - This is drama, and I don't expect you to take intervention. But, pursuant to the Voat rules, would you be willing to remove all the links which contain my full name?

Thank you.