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Hi, North Korea will be sometime next year if all goes well. Unless they have closed all borders (as they sometimes do) it is pretty straight forward. You simply pay for a visa and ride a train in. It's generally a misconception that North Korea is hard to visit. But it is certainly a country which will provide you with some unique memories I think.

One of the worlds really tough countries to visit is less known. It is Equatorial Guinea. I recently went and it took me 4 months to get in.


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Mainly it is hard to visit if you're from the USA


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Yeah, US and Canada have it different than many. Actually my regular issuance covered the entire planet except US and Canada. And with the new regulations for travel I won't be able to revisit the US with the visa waver program (ESTA) after I visit Iran. I will need to apply for an actual visa at an embassy. The world is often a bureaucratic place...and not always for the better.