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It is nice to finally be out. I have been out since last August. That is when I went to the halfway house for 6 months. So technically only out since February. But life is great. I kind of self medicated with pot for my first 9 years inside. I was in shock. I had a death wish, not like I wanted to kill myself but I didn't care about my life. I was reckless. Tried to prove I was a tough guy and I smoked pot everyday. At nine years in I got a clue and started working for my future. So it took me nine years to get over the hump as you say. Lots of interesting stories. I got a book called Prison Stories that is available on amazon or that relates a lot of stories and you can check out my work on VICE, there are a lot of different prison stories there. I am going to adapt my book Prison Stories into a graphic novel too. Also I got tons of stuff on prison life, prison gangs and life inside the belly of the beast on my website at, check it out.

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