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I would tell you to fuck his wife, but then again a slut like that probably carries diseases that are waiting to be discovered.

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She had a nice ass, now shes getting old, and that cunt must smell rancid. Anyway im looking for better material.

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What a fucking pussy. He kinda deserves whatever he gets.

Don't hate the player, hate the game. If there's a hell, that whore will still be burning in it, but that faggot ain't no victim.

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The faggot reproduced...im not seeing a punishment coming in, thats the fucked up part. he still hangs with his ex, not sure on their status.

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I can only imagine what his children are like. Best case scenario, they have no respect for the manlet and think he's as much of a pussy as everyone else does.

More realistically, they'll develop into equally worthless people.

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What in the fuck. Dude living life on easy. Must be fucking nice. If a bitch ever did that to me I'd most likely kill her.

[–] TheSavageCabbage 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

No shit. I have a one-strike policy with cheating: one strike and your shit is on the curb. I used to have a two-strike policy, but I'm not trying to go back to jail.

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How did he take to your burning down his house ?

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Maybe you could provide more detail?

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Ive updated op

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What led you to the conclusion

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His mother told the entire street.

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A mother’s love for her son is indefatigable, unless he’s a cuck, then it’s indefaggotable

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What was the wildest thing you've witness him do?

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Other than him paying her rent in other apartment so she could go fuck her other man, and after she stopped fucking other dudes, he also sleeping there out of shame ? Hard to say, some people really are a joke.

He has a very pathetic posture, very polite, not a bad guy, but hes a joke.

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Teach that pussy how to man the fuck up. If he's very polite, he's probably a good listener. Sit him down and verbally slap some fucking sense into his bitch ass.

And/or manipulate your way into his checkbook.

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Did you ever talk to him bro-to-bro going like "look here, man; where's your self respect? slaps face " or some shit like that? If so, how was his receptivity to your moves to establish accountability? Also, what is his supposed religious stance? And how do you stand not moving out and geographically surrounding yourself with better people with better mentalities?