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How many times were you robbed or witnessed some else get robbed?

How many times did you see police arresting someone in the hood?

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I was robbed coming home from work once and ran away from potential muggings. Our apartment was broken into once stole some video games and trashed the place. Police raided and busted a big time dealer above our apartment. Cops usually never patrolled our area unless they were on a man hunt or someone called them which no one ever did except me. I fucking made anonymous calls to the police on every suspicious nigger I seen and most of the shootings that I'd hear.

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Theres a project in my area that got cameras due to the drug dealing and robberies in the area. There is an outcry because the community, if you can call it that, feels that they are being unfairly targetted and they are better off without police interference, to be clear its the property managment company that put in the cameras not the police. They did a major renovation and were trying to keep propertt damage to a minimum. Didn't work.

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I’m a little late to the AMA, but after living there, are you utterly convinced that niggers are useless subhumans who are incapable of evolving into functional members of society?

Or do you harbor some feelings that they can adapt to become proper humans if we stop all welfare and let a generation or two starve to death?

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Please share your thoughts on how whiteness caused these problems and how we can all be better allies to people of color.


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It's like hearing a tree fall in the woods, if whitey hadn't intervened, civilization would never know of these people or deal with their problems.

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there is only one answer you will ever get from them and thats to die or be okay with letting them take you over until you die

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Whiteness interferes with evolution in the ghetto going by paying the blacks money and providing hospital treatment.

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We didn't fucking kill or deport them all when we had the chance...

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Did you see the ghouls at night shuffling around

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Tried to stay in after dark as much as possible but the times I'd come home late you could really only see them if you lit them up with your headlights since their skin makes them camouflaged. Or do you mean ghouls like crack heads?

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They're all basically the same thing. It's just that ones a bit more crazy

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How many times did they rape you?

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Zero, but my gfs mom was raped by a pack of them a couple blocks from our apartment complex walking home.

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Did she feel sorry for them or did her hatred blossom.

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My aunt was raped by a black, she knew the guy.

Luckily a family friend found him, beat him stupid, he left town.

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Why would you subject yourself to that or even put yourself in that situation? Just move to a more rural area until you can get on your feet.

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No jobs in the rural areas I had no where to stay and no car I needed a job within walking distance and I wanted to be close to my gf.

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Rual areas are not using indeed or monster. Localized email lists are how job announcements are done now and days.

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How bad was the smell?

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Our place smelled like nigger when we first moved in for about a month. It mostly smelled like cigarette smoke and barbeque. I stayed away from them as much as possible so never really had to smell straight up nigger much.

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How often did you spot drug deals. I lived a couple of blocks away from one of those projects and spotted ~10 deals a year (in the open) and found 2 syringes in my lawn.

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We lived below the main dealer in our neighborhood. These guys don't do deals out in the open, people come to their door all day and night so we saw and heard deals constantly in progress. They used a special knock combination to let the guy know they were there for a pick up.

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That has to get annoying hearing "shave and a hare cut" or whatever repeatedly. Besides the noise did this ever cause you trouble?

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Hell I live in cincinnati and they just hang out at shell up the street and sell to anyone who walks by. Multiple times i've walked by and get shown a bag full asking if it want some.

This is also the shell where they have weekly lot parties where the hood brings all their whips (usually doonked up chargers) and they race around the block (which literally takes less than 5 minutes, only because of the stop lights every 50 feet)

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I took a short term contract there. Downtown was a complete shit show, lovely architecture on the buildings with nigger gangs sitting around. The rest of the place was strange. Like one giant small town. Couldn't clearly tell where white and black territory was other then the big loop that goes around the place. Don't think I'll ever take another contract that far east again. Absolute lack of sidewalks drove me a bit mad, well that and the opium dealer's dog barking whenever he left (nice looking apartment covered in broke people, and shit heads).

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Had a GF who lived on the river in NOLA, housing project highrise for niggers, the rebuilt it every 2 years, niggers would destroy it stealing everything metal. Crime was horrific in the area, shots all night. Murder and robbery every night, seems they are largely nocturnal, like rats...…….anywho, whoa be a white man have car trouble in that area. ZERO cops, they wouldn't bother going into the zone. Walk out, as no taxi would pu in the projects...…..expect the car to be gone or stripped as a total loss. I cried happy tears when Katrina wiped it out, only to break down when Houston accepted the niggers. But, the sun shines another day when the HPD started shooting our guest's at area malls, rioting and robbing is just a pastime they enjoy anywhere.

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They fucking rebuilt the housing project I lived in 10 years before I moved there as well because they literally destroyed it. That was one of the reasons I didn't feel that bad about living there at first because it was all practically brand new and really didn't look all that bad besides some trash and broken bottles. The good thing about winter is nogs hate it and it was somewhat peaceful when it got cold.

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the projects in my area is the same way. Winter keeps the niggers inside. The main reason why the white man colonized the nordic regions while the negroid stayed in Africa

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Houston hates the Katrina people. In house shopping here, the real estate agents will straight up tell you “you don’t want such-and-such house, it’s near the Katrina people.”

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The Katrina fucks ruined this city

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the niggers literally killed Greenspoint Mall by Bush Airport, no mans land...…..1% occupied and looks like a project. We call it "Gunspoint" for a reason

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At least the mexicans will work. Katrina fucks want hand outs and to sit around surfing on thier obama phones.

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Katrina helped push texas more blue. Fucking terrible.

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It didn't help things , I'll give you that, however I would argue that the Katrina refugees are a drop in the bucket compared to the overwhelming flood of Mexicans showing up every day.

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Ever hear of HAARP? This could have been the goal the entire time. To attempt to destabilize right wing fortress states.

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I know which project you're talking about in NOLA.. A friend of mine worked for the telco. They would put off going in until there were several jobs to do at once. A police escort was required with black officers, otherwise the telco wouldn't authorize the workers to go in at all.

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