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Hey. I know this comment is off topic. I am trying to contact subsonic0702 on this forum. We were in The same platoon in Marine Corps Boot camp. I joined the forum to try to make contact with this guy but the system says I cannot message him because my ccp is to low? Can anyone help me?

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Helped with an upvote. Go make some constructive comments.

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My parent separated just before I turned 10 and my mother took me and my sister to California on a bus with $10 to her name.

So... TL;DR, your dad should've gotten custody?

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Yes i really wonder how much better my life could have been if my father gave a shit but I think it's almost not even possible in Washington state for the man to get custody then or now.

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Yeah, it's pretty rare. Fuck-up moms are given way too much leniency by the system.

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As an old fart trying to get into the hardware maintenance/security side of the industry, do you think it's event worth it for someone pushing 40? Should I aim my sites elsewhere?

Congrats on not getting trapped by your mother's lifestyle. I'm sure it was hard ass work.

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You are not too old at all. certs help a lot.

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All that matters is working hard.

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How did you get into IT?

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Worked Fast food for few years (ages 14-19) become mager it's easy af just work hard. Being manager of fast food restaurant gave me confidence to get job as a glorified telemarketer at this point I had never even sent an email, I created a hotmail address and resume for this prospective company, got job as glorified telemarketer for this WAN service provider and worked hard became low level management (for 5 years age 19-24). This gave me confidence and enough experience to interview for job at current company, I was originally hired as jr project manager to get foot in door. I am now learning HTML and regex and shit and I really should go back to school but I am getting on the job training. If you work hard and you're a good person I think good things will happen for you.

I used to be proud of this but now i am ashamed to say I never graduated high school , I basically dropped out when I was 14 or so, I checked out when i was 12 I had no hope for a future at all or really didn't care you dont care when you are a teenager surrounded by losers.

hard work and showing up every day really is half the battle, we are all basically equal when it comes to intellect and capabilities we really are all more alike than we are different.

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That's a really interesting path you've taken. You're right that hard work pays off. Gaining skills that you can sell in the real world is the battle

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How was your IQ tested? Mensa?

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Rick and Morty jokes. You wouldn't understand.

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I'm not sure that's the case.