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It might be difficult - change your focus away from your pain, outward. Read Seven habits of highly successful people. Enjoy nature. Chemical amusement is a time sink. Learn how to live well cheaply. Network. It's easiest to a find GF through a woman friend (28 yo) are looking for marriage. Embrace capitalism - do a service (for women) like painting. Get advice, get the most for your time. The garden idea is a good one. There is an enormous number enjoyable free activities. Consider changing your diet of ideas, to positive ones. You've suffered horribly at others hands, it took your past. Aim yourself towards a positive direction. A GF can contribute ideas it doesn’t have to be all you - they like a leader. Sorry for the traumatic childhood, perhaps you can be the father you'd have wanted to have.


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Read Seven habits of highly successful people

That book is more of a 'metoo' book for hangers-on and pretenders.

You want something that will change your life?

Read "Models" by Mark Manson.