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What got you I to programming

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No other engine offered easy ways to build games like I wanted so I started learning by doing basic stuff. Still got ways to go through but more I learn the better my games get.

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Good on you I want to learn one day when I finish school

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Directx or openGL?

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I never use them but I hear that DirectX is good for desktop and OpenGL for browsers.

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What do you use then?

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Here I am wondering why you got no attention.

How did you get your start?

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When I started learning or where I started with building a game? Well, I'm going to answer both because no one else posted...

I started learning with just 3D art by learning from my school, every lunch break (my friends where not there because of schedule) after eating very fast, I go to the library and read something like this (sorry I don't know the book's name but do know it was not those expensive 3D Maya books): Inspired_3D_Modeling_and_Texture_Mapping or this book Modeling-Digital-Dinosaurs-Graphics-Software

3D art was new for when I started learning it so there was no book or video tutorial on Blender. No one told me that there was a free 3d software like SketchUp or Blender because I didn't have internet and I only knew the top 3 modelling software from the books. Programming was offered to the school as well as hardware technician but my grades were not the best so I had to go to another class (later I learn the program they were using "Alice (software). That is where I learn photoshop for one year, taking harder lessons on photoshop wasn't going to be fun away. When school is over, I discover those free software, Blender wasn't the one I liked since it made no sense to what the books told me. Wings 3D and google's Sketchup were the only things I had for building 3d models. As for the photoshop alternative, it was MAGIX Photo Designer, I still recommended for people who are new to photoshop. I self-taught myself video editing, you can see how bad they were in my past videos in 2012 and all these years, I'm still using the same old video editor, "VSDC free video editor".

Long story short after looking and testing game engines I pick with Renpy mostly for the coding but also for the ability to export on all desktops, Mac, Windows, Linux. Uploaded my first game on Gamejolt but after so many bad ads (it was crazy back then), I removed them, found itch.io where the game is still today, ad-free. Also on Amazon, google android and recently HTML5.

When I started building the game I had no clue how to code it. The main forces were the story because my game first started with a subdomain website about the story, that you can still find on google sites with this: thisisthestoryoftheunknowns

Though this day I still do not know how to delete the site. The story then moved to blogger (deleted by now) and long last to Renpy visual novel game engine. My story is very long like super long that 2009 time was spent on lunch typing on a phone. That is where the idea of only making a small story for only that amount of characters started. You see the new characters only appear in every new chapter, thus making it easy but shorter to build the game. Now the code for Renpy was easy for basic stuff but has any amateur coder, I still mess up on the video, not testing it everywhere for bugs and English is not my best (sorry). Still a very decent game for someone who builds the game. Oh almost forgot the characters I got were from Nantoka in a program, music is the free Kevin MacLeod you hear on youtube.

If you google "The Unknows Saga" you can see the video of the first feedback I got (it is not very well for me but learn to be better). I took everything from that small lesson to build Vol 1 which was much cleaner, better reading and more. The game got better and better as I got better and better. As of now, I achieve the one thing I wanted when I started, getting it to HTML5.

So that is everything about how I started in learning or building a game. Always do better and your game will do better.

P.S: i cant add links on this subverse.