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  • Left wing voater.

  • Also happens to be the current top pedophile on the website.

No surprises there. Oh but this is an ama. So i gotta ask you a question. How old are you, and what compels you to jerk it to imaginary cartoons of kids instead if seeking real sex. Is real life women THAT impossible for you?

@trigglypuff @gabara @heygeorge @shroomcloud @joemontana do you have any questions for this creature before we enter his home and slaughter him on live stream?

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Jesus fucking Christ, wanted to prove you wrong, saw his submissions page and actually vomited in my mouth. Mandatory chemical castration.

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Could argue that porn has many advantages over finding an actual girlfriend (mainly the fact that it all works on your own terms and doesn't come with any additional risks or drama). But it also takes away any deeper connection you'd get with another person so it should be up to an individual what they prefer as to what they want to get out of their sexuality.

More empty threats from internet tough guys? I'm used to that. :P

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You didn't answer the age question.

So your plan is to be single and childless for life? Will you be able to handle the disappointment in your mothers eyes when she asks why are you killing off your family's legacy/tree that is thousands of years old? Will you kill your self then because you wont be able to take it, or will you answer her with "porn is better cuz da gurlz iz naging me when i wanna play on xbox" and be on your way.

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If everyone is ensured everything they need to live, why would the average person work at all? Why would the exceptional person work as hard (or even stay in the country), when he will be taxed into oblivion to ensure the average people can be taken care of without work? Ensuring that everyone has everything they need to live simply does not work. It has never worked. It will never work.

You say the gov would prevent unwanted physical harm, but how exactly would you collect these taxes from these few exceptional people that decide for some reason to stay in the country, except for the threat of physical harm?

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He phrases it wrong. Everyone is given an opportunity to make of life what they can. "Everything" is not guaranteed, nor is it a right beyond life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Find your own fucking way without my tax dollars paying for gibs. Work hard and when your're 65 you can take advantage of a system that you paid into. Gibs without working? Fuck off. Even the feds won't pay anyone Social Security unless they worked ten years minimum. That payment would be too small to live on.

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Not having drug laws, a patent system, etc would actually be a competitive advantage when people are permitted to do things that are illegal in most other countries. Capitalizing on these new business opportunities along with having no foreign policy at all (no foreign aid or military intervention on foreign soil) and also not actually having to enforce all of those laws anymore could be enough to not have to raise taxes significantly. It would also allow for an option for people where they can get their basic necessities from the government while getting a part-time job so they can have disposable income. Through use of technology, the process of creating these necessities could be increasingly automated or done more efficiently also lowering the cost, possibly in some cases reaching a point where you have a self-sufficient system so no actual money is involved anymore. But the idea is that the government only gives you food, healthcare, and shelter and you work for disposable income.

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So Able forgoes fishing and eating for a day to craft a net which increases his own productivity, the next day catches twice what he would otherwise. Now your gubmint bully comes and takes his net and extra fish by force to share with the lazy fucks who don't want to fish their own food. Then the bully tells Able to make more nets for the gubmint to give out to everyone else. Able says fuck that and builds a boat to leave your dumb ass system. Everyone else left behind sees what happened and all creativity and ambition is squashed as they don't want to go hungry just so that the gubmint can take their capital too.

If that's made too simple for you, why don't you explain to me whose capital is going to be used to develop and build this technology that's gonna automate everything. And how will you entice them to give this capital up willingly?

Ain't nothing free. Naïve commie.

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How fat are you? Would you be classed as bariatric?

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Upvoating so people will see this and know you are a mentally ill massive faggot.

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Do you have a job?

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I do but I'd prefer not to say exactly where I work for privacy reasons.

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That's understandable. Is it a "good" job? Do you do it for what is essentially disposable income?

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What's it like living life whilst wishing for the violation and destruction of the world and its people?

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How do you square you belief that government should stop physical harm with your belief that government should collect taxes? Because I can predict what government tax mercenaries will do to me if I dont cough up tax money.

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Are you saying corporal or capital punishment is necessary to enforce taxes? The IRS doesn't do that.

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Scenario: I decide not to pay taxes because I dont support what the money is being spent on. Guess what will result? Violence against me by the government.

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Every law is ultimately enforced by threat of death.

The government does do that when it becomes necessary. People don't usually resist to that point because their life is worth more to them than the money being robbed.

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If you don't think you'll be interested in what I have to say then why did you post in or even look at my AMA? Just move on to another thread.

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