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How empowered are you to help customers who call? How much of it is you reading from a script and being unable to do anything but send the trouble ticket elsewhere?

It always seems like I'm being read to from a script when I talk to lower lever CSRs and some are so bad at what they do they can't improvise and so they just keep reading their lines to me over and over again instead of responding to what I asked.

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Here we're not scripted except for the opening/greeting and that's just to inform the customer on the dept. We can do anything we want as long as it's within our area. We can't do things involving personal data or individual websites or programs because it would be impossible to learn everything about all of them and they have their own help. The main issue is when people call their ISP for issues related to an account on a specific site. That has nothing to do with your ISP.

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Why does your employer hate its customers?

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They don't. They're in business to make money. Just like any other business. If they hated the customers there would be no support at all.

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Whats up with the levels of service rep? I've heard stuff like a level 1-2 takes the initial call but only solves basic issues, level 4 is a competent engineer, level 7 has access to Zion's mainframe, and so on.

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The different levels are what you get when the ISP has standard and premium services. The "tier" I work in is the one you would have to subscribe to and pay for. It's not included with services. People call in all the time with issues they want fixed that are in no way, shape or form the ISPs responsibility. In those cases you get the tier 1 tech and if they can't fix/help you get sent elsewhere.

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How many tiers are there? What's the pay/experience difference between tier 1 and the higher/highest tier?

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So my internet in really slow. Can you fix that?

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Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It depends on the reason.

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Do you hate your job? I'd imagine you take a lot of the heat from customers, considering the hate most big ISPs get these days.

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Some days I'm sick of being here before I even clock in.

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Can I really get a discount if I threaten to cancel?

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Sometimes you'll get a temporary discount but it's never something that will last. Or they'll throw in some free extras they don't pay for anyway.

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My ISP had a long history of excellent service - tech staff dealing with customers directly - solving issues quickly.

Now they have grown too large - too many layers of crap to get an issue solved - issues go unsolved - staff are at times rude and abusive - and not empowered to fix things anymore. Seen it happen to maybe half a dozen companies.

That is always a sure sign it's time to get a different ISP. Once this happens, I have never seen a company go back to good service.

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I agree 100%. No matter the size. If customer service isn't #1 then it will become unimportant because your customers will go elsewhere.