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Almost none on a customer vehicle. On my own? whooo.... that's a different story.


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Same here, not a mechanic by trade just grew up on a farming estate and you pick up things by doing them from helping. I live in a VERY wealthy area. MC12s, Veyrons, 10 cylinder BMWs, you name it. None of them can turn a wrench, even the poorer ones with C7s, CTS-Vs and Shelby Mustangs. Their cars are constantly down for some little thing that the dealer has to do for them. The ones with cars out of warranty get raped by indie shops and dealerships alike. Every repair is a nightmare and takes multiple trips to fix.

To my point. My wife grew up privileged white middle class in an upper class private school system. Her admittedly greatest past time is : Fixing our fleet of cars with me when they need a repair. She has her own tools and roll around cabinet to keep them in. She does research online, joins the car forums and price compares and uploads pictures of the ones the community wants to see a solution to as they are experiencing similar problems. She is a gorgeous, 36-24-34 fit blonde, that just loves to crawl under cars with me in her shop clothes and get dirty and fix something and fix it right. Unless it isn't a critical system and no one will ever see it, then she just grabs a handful of zip ties and a diagonal cutter. "That fan shroud is N.O.S. only and just one ear is broken off and I don't care so I'm drilling a hole and zip tying it. Fuck the stearership... We are not paying 500 for a new one."

Her current issue is a noisy electric motor that actuates the intake butterfly valve on her daily driver. Lexus wants $2,800 for that part number to be ordered and the noise gone. They keep telling her it isn't the only part she needs, the other is a new $600 alternator, because it failing is what killed the throttle motor. No, alternator tested fine it was the first thing she suspected.

To prove the culprit, she used a length of rubber tubing and snaked it around the engine compartment until she isolated the component and confirmed it by unplugging it and the noise disappeared. Disconnected battery to clear the throttle ECM memory and plugged motor back in. Reconnected negative lead to battery and turned key to run not start and the sound came on softly as soon as the key was positioned and became louder as the gas pedal was pressed slowly and by hand with the loud buzzing noise the throttle plate could be felt vibrating at the same frequency as the noise.

She did all that by visiting youtube, owners club sites and using google searches. She told Lexus this and they stopped trying to sell her an alternator with the throttle motor. "So do you want us to order it or not?" She said she would get back to them after she sees if Amazon has the part for less. She gets around the zip code location pricing scam they all have by just buying online either on amazon or other sites from dealerships with the lowest prices, like those in Atlanta etc.

I think part of her car hobby now is simply revenge on the dealerships for screwing her over all those years before she met me. Her Corvette and Cadillac experiences were epic, nearly all in bad ways. It's been great for me because two people working gets the job done 4 times as fast. That and she wears next to nothing while working because she gets sweaty and overheated fighting bolts and parts. I'm not going to tell her about shop overalls, that would ruin my fun!


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This got kind of porn-y towards the end


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Your wife is a badass. That's the best type of marital bonding I can immagine!


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  • She is a gorgeous, 36-24-34 fit blonde, that just loves to crawl under cars with me in her shop clothes and get dirty and fix something and fix it right.*

And then she likes to repair the car with you, I'm guessing.