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Power steering repairs on modern vehicles often involves the reprogramming of the component/computer so that they are in sync/aligned. This is just one issue. Another issue is anti-theft protection. Many vehicles if you simply unhook the battery will "forget" their memory and disassociate from the key. This means the dealer will have to reprogram it for you using a proprietary and/or very expensive tool to do so.


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This exactly. At GM, our tool was called MDI (Multiple-Diagnostic Interface) pronounced "middy", and it was a proprietary tool that was very expensive for consumers. But, the plus side was that we could run an emulation of the MDI software on a laptop. And it's no shit that we had to reflash for almost everything- one time, someone had a Korean market SUV WITH aftermarket remote start. You want to talk about a nightmare?

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Mercedes and BMW anti theft requires reprogramming when r&r-Ing the battery unless you use a memory keeper.

Many modern power steering systems are completely electronic and require proprietary/expensive equipment to properly install.