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What is the nature of this AMA? Car problems or questions about being a mechanic? Well anyway...

2009 Honda Civic Auto, and when I shift into reverse, it really wants to move. Vibrates a lot, and when I take my foot off the brake, it takes off pretty quickly. It's my wife's car and she can't tell me when it started. She doesn't even know what the problem is.


[–] diodine 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

A lot of cars do that intentionally. It could be in theory the idle air solenoid (a bypass for the throttle that allows the computer to let more air in) but I wouldn't worry about it unless the computer detects this (it will) and alerts you.


[–] cosmic_climb 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Hm I see. It vibrates as if I have the foot on both pedals. It seems like reverse idles higher than it usually does but it's been so long since I drove it (wife changed jobs) that I might be remembering wrong. Thanks to @WiLiV as well.


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It vibrates when, when your foot is on the brake? Remember, the automatic transmission is backed by a torque converter that will keep the car still until a certain RPM is attained. A high idle will move the car faster even when your foot is off the gas.


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I think the problem is behind the wheel