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It's pretty sad, when even Wikipedia won't help protect history's dishonesty.

Do you ever find it amazing how Wikipedia can be so, accurate, when it comes to explaining S. Africa in ways which your horrid deceit simply won't allow you to do? See, look:

A codified system of racial stratification began to take form in South Africa under the Dutch (Caucasoid) Empire in the late eighteenth century, although informal segregation was present much earlier due to social cleavages between Dutch colonists and a creolised, ethnically diverse slave population. With the rapid growth and industrialisation of the British Cape Colony in the nineteenth century, racial policies and laws became increasingly rigid. Cape legislation that discriminated specifically against black Africans began appearing shortly before 1900. The policies of the Boer republics were also racially exclusive; for instance, the Transvaal constitution barred nonwhite participation in church and state...




After reading about this now in, 2017, a blue-pilled S. African might sit back and conclude that 'karma, is a bitch!' eh?


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Yeah, black South Africans were so 'oppressed' that their population increased 10 fold over the last 100 years... Mr '3 R's, Mr 'White racism rules over classism'!

(I am referencing a discussion Aristotle and I had, that he bravely ran away from, about a week or so ago)


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their population increased 10 fold over the last 100 years

And so did the tsetse fly. Just like with 3 R's & Racism>Classism pal, you should know by now;

you simply can not EVER fool me, with your word trickery, like here where you merely mentioned a meaningless miniscule aimless statistic.

Now, stop trolling. Stay on topic. Or, continue joining Fascism's fav racist @WhiteFightMyRight in running and hiding from yonder Wiki nukes I have dropped here.