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Nelson Mandela pleaded guilty in court to hundreds of terrorist attacks. His wife, Winnie, supported executions where they wrapped a tire around your head with barbed wire, filled it with gasoline, and lit it on fire, and these executions were committed on children. Thats the kind of person Nelson Mandela was. Ronald Reagan considered him a terrorist. Barack Obama considered him a hero. There were 700 homicides a year before Nelson Mandela, and after there was around 30,000. Nelson Mandela seized all industry as governmental property (communism) and destroyed the country economically as well. You guys just need to get the hell out of there. Figure out how to get to the US. Do like the Me-hi-canns do and get temporary work permits at the very least. Here in the US, we need to start advocating to save you guys as refugees.


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is it possible the apartheid gunverment murdered without recording it?

or police would refuse to do paperwork for a murdered nog?

700 to 30,000 seems impossible...but then again: lil jon is a success, so anything is possible


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No they would not have. What people forget is he was a Communist. In fact every Communist was renamed as an activist by the media when the world turned against us. The apartheid government was fighting communism and every terrorist they caught the kept alive to get information and interrogate. Infact Communists have a suicide policy of caught by security forces. So they would not have killed him in prison. He was also sent to prison with a bunch of other Communists. One being our current president Jacob zuma. The Mandela effect is a great example of how Communists use misinformation to make people who believe it look crazy and therefore discredit a them by bringing their mental state into disrepute.


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He doesn't need to go to the US, the US is becoming a shit-hole also (but for different reasons). Americans are violent, punitive, delusional, psychologically unbalanced and corrupt. There are plenty of great red-pilled Eastern European countries that aren't dying, degenerate empires like the United States that offer more economic freedom, better opportunities, and a traditional, moral, and cohesive national identity worth defending.


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I concur, America is becoming a shit hole teetering on the brink of civil war. 10/10 would not recommend.