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Why are people so surprised when I tell them SA is one of the most dangerous places to be white in the world? They seem to think it's a lovely safe place...


[–] WhiteFightMyRight [S] 0 points 25 points (+25|-0) ago 

We all love fairy tales. It's to keep people not seeing what actually is happening. It's a big Communist experiment. If the whites lose then look out USA and Europe. It's to never question or inquire about saint Mandela. Whites overseas think the cold war was a cold war. It was fought here in Africa since this late 50's and ended when the Soviet union fell and the Zionist bankers destroyed our economy and had the whites betrayed and demonised


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cold war was fought in africa? sounds very interesting, more info? thank you


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Whites overseas think the cold war was a cold war

I mean, I think most people know about Vietnam.


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as I understand the human ancestry of it all, some of Mandela's kinda are actually related to Capoid or Khoisan or related to the original South African Bushmen while the Blacks you see in Africa today are invader Bantu and Congoid from the North and Congo areas? Blacks invaded after Whites built the cities?


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My Taiwanese wife has a aunt who is married to a white guy in South Africa. I asked her if they were going to sell their sporting goods company and gtfo of SA she said they had no issues at all and were doing good. So not sure how they have avoided the crazy essay maybe the farmers are taking the brunt of the bullshit first?


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They want the land, so farmers are a target. Also, farms are huge and remote. So ideal for the torture killings they perpetuate. You can torture people for days and no one is going to know. One lady was tied to her bed for a week while niggers lived in her house, ate her food and tortured and raped her with broken bottles daily. When there was nothing left to trash they set her alight tied to her bed.


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Probably. Easier to hide genocide in the countryside than the middle of a city.