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I've seen a bit posted online about "white genocide" occurring in South Africa.

To what degree is this actually happening and how is it viewed from within South African society?


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If you look at the issues in Europe with those things adding 2 % to your population annually. Understand white south Africans are a minority already. 4000 white farmers have not only been murdered but every one was tortured and raped to death by groups of blacks. It is down played in society here in a dismissive way. The whole crime happens to everyone bullshit. The government has never denied it but rather discourages the noise whites are making about it. But these coons also love to make noise about how they purposely do not give any poor whites grants. No black police officer events helps a white person. If a white person shouts at a black it's considered racist therefore a crime. There are laws that directly say white people must struggle to get jobs. Every black kaffir Communist party gains their voters about how they are going to kill whites and take their stuff. It happens every single day that its there to try and dehumanize us. Instead its bred a new young white generation who will shoot to kill. Blacks are cowards. They torture the old whites and they never come for us young whites. They don't realize that we have something to die for. It ain't communism and it ain't for the blacks


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Well good luck. Shit I got it easy.


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You think you guys are gonna take it back? How many have white people killed? Wouldn't the cops just come arrest you, so are you shooting at police too? I agree that you have to shoot to kill, just wondering if it is actually happening.


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Instead its bred a new young white generation who will shoot to kill

This. If you have the willingness to do what is take you can overcome the blacks and after the fight you will have a bright future.