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So are you trying to emigrate out of South Africa?


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Never. The white flight is bullshit. White fight is our right. My family have a long history in this country and are boere. Afrikaans is a purely African language. It's means African. The boere are the only white tribe in Africa and we came from Africa. Not these pekkies who love communism and eat human flesh. Oh and hate working but love getting shit for free

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This is the correct answer. I see way too many Americans who promote the idea of bringing SAs to the US. Those people don't have any identity, or maybe they just have a white identity. They have no connection to the land they live on or tradition that's tied to their souls. I'm an American, I don't have some hyphen connecting it to some other country. You have my respect.


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I don't understand people being against white flight, but also not fighting back. Kill or die.

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