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Just damn. How high is your turn-over rate for new hires? I can't see a lot of people being able to handle that job for long, even if they think they know what they are in for.


[–] CleatusMaximus [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I float around this particular hospital, from unit to unit. Some people either love it or hate it. Im one of the few that nothing really gets to me so. Also this field is dominated by women, alot of them too stupid to take care of them selves let alone someones parents or kids, so sometimes they dont know there in over their head until its too late and someone codes or a med error occurs.


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Alot of people are getting into medical field for money, and thats the wrong reason, my family is all nurses and MDs, so its " in my blood" but you get some ass hole off the street thinking this is a cake walk. THose are the ones you hear about on the news getting indicted for abuse and theft and the like.