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This sub is not very alive

Filling in content with spam is not an alternative.

Is he a shill for doing an AMA about his business?

Actually, that's the very definition of a shill now that you mention it.

Further, this sub is "Ask me anything", not "advertise your shit on Voat here for free."


[–] jerry 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

I agree that the sub cant be filled with spam. The thread we are actually commenting on is the spam. The thing says ask me anything and the dude was asked anything. One person asked something about honey boo boo's moms twat and beefy fucking answered. He didnt say "BUY MY SHIT PLZ LOL" he actually answered different shit. It was a harmless ama by a person who owns a company. Those are the types of motherfuckers you oughta bounce a question off of.


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The thread we are actually commenting on is the spam.

I know. That's what I'm talking about.

He didnt say "BUY MY SHIT PLZ LOL"

He/she said exactly that by making the post in the first place. "BUY MY SHIT PLZ LOL" was an implied preface to every single comment made by OP in the original thread. The intent (not only the implied intent but also the stated purpose mind you) was to sell products. It was literately an exploration of potential markets and to sell merchandise. IE "spam".

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