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I know i am naive and not very analytical, like a cartoon character, but grifter is that post astroturf? /v/IAMA the last two posts this month have been from beefy and you. This sub is not very alive. When a new ama comes up from a person with a business, HERE where we get 1 fucking AMA a month, people generously upvoat it . Is he trying to get his business seen? Pretty fuckin clearly yea but he is also doing an AMA. Is he a shill for doing an AMA about his business? I guess thats up for debate but in my opinion nah not really. Let the fucking guy have his moment to do an AMA, if his shit sucks people will call him out. And whaddya know, people are calling him out for his answers and responses. It looked to me like they did the same on reddit too. Take a chill pill. Dont attribute malice to what can be equally attributed to stupidity. Instead of malice, you think he is astroturfing but i think hes just trying different ways to get his name out there. He is trying to do the ama, i dont see how that makes him a shill.

Also, why would he waste time astroturfing to the asshole of the internet when he could milk reddit like a cow with astroturfing? Thats what doesnt add up to me

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I kinda have to agree, it's rare that we get people doing an AMA without an agenda.

Ever notice how on he site which shall not be named they only get actors, authors, when they have a movie or book coming out? It's basically one more stop on the press tour.

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one more stop on the press tour.

Hahahaha that hits the nail on the head exactly. Ol Reddit is basically a cork board and companies can pin their ads to it but the papers fall off every 12-24 hours so they just keep putting more and more up.

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That doesn't mean that we have to let them without telling them to go fuck themselves.

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This sub is not very alive

Filling in content with spam is not an alternative.

Is he a shill for doing an AMA about his business?

Actually, that's the very definition of a shill now that you mention it.

Further, this sub is "Ask me anything", not "advertise your shit on Voat here for free."

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I agree that the sub cant be filled with spam. The thread we are actually commenting on is the spam. The thing says ask me anything and the dude was asked anything. One person asked something about honey boo boo's moms twat and beefy fucking answered. He didnt say "BUY MY SHIT PLZ LOL" he actually answered different shit. It was a harmless ama by a person who owns a company. Those are the types of motherfuckers you oughta bounce a question off of.

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Because advertisers are starting to notice this site.

I've been noticing more and more posts like this.

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thats the smokin gun

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It isn't that the grifter is against astro-turf, intrinsically. It is that Voat is pro-Shit-Talk, intrinsically. Feel free to promote any product on here. Feel Free to have some asshole talk shit on it. That is the beauty of Voat.

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I don't get the anti-business mindset. I don't mind reading somebody promoting themselves as long as it's interesting and not shoved down my throat. If voat was inflating the upvotes, or a mod was being paid for it to bend rules underhandedly without disclosure, that would be shady. As it is, it's somebody making a legitimate AMA post about their business, anybody can up/downvoat as they please.

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Yea, plus as users we can discuss legitimate topics.

I'm an optician so am happy to help answer questions even though I'm not being paid.

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It isn't anti-business. It is pro-talking shit.

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There is a big difference between asking about a person and about his business. I'd be totally ok with a sub dedicated to self-promotion in a healthy manner (no bullshit), but in my opinion AMAs should be focused on people.

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Yeah. I didn't even read that post. The post title alone didn't pass the smell test. Especially coming from a brand new account. GTFOut of here.

Edit: I just read through the comments. So many old goats falling for the obvious spam! Disheartening.

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that post

Which post? This one? if so, ehy say "that post"?

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Hey now. They had a welcome goat on the homepage and steam punk glasses for $7. That's dollar store cheap.

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Yup. Report shit like that as spam. I do.

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I upvoted his post, because his business is trying to compete with a company that has become a price gouging monopoly. This is the free market at work. If his shit sucks, consumers won't by his goods.

Shut the fuck up and let the market take care of itself faggot Luxottica shill.

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He said he can't source his shit in the US, because Luxottica (Itailian company) controls all US based manufacturers and retailers. This is why its so difficult to compete with the greedy fucks.

I don't like buying chinese shit, but I don't buy incredibly overpriced shit either.

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Why male models?

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Think about it, Perrin. They're the perfect assassin. They're at the top of their physical form, yet malleable, and easily manipulated. All adds up to the world's best assassins.

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For about 2 seconds I was hoping to have an actual discussion about doing business with China.

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I do business in China. shit anyone can.

what do you want to know?

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I do business WITH China, but I was more interested in just shit talking about the quality of their products and processes.

Buuuut. I did make an observation just yesterday about ebay. Reckon 80% of the chinese selling accounts for their generic manufactured goods are all sold by the one business using about 1000 different accounts. there is no way the average chinese individual can provide free shipping for $2-4 parts to international customers. Got any information on their process for that? I reckon they are just bulk shipping containers out.

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Hmm I remember this thread differently...maybe I'm having a stroke?

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Maybe. Do you smell burnt plastic?

That might be the sunglasses though. They are extremely carcinogenic.

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I'll take 2 for 20. Dealio?

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Sure. Check out behind the alley. You want handjob for five additional dollar?

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Don't you mean Fie Dorrar?

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