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This post feels a little too much like an ad for my tastes. I was going to let it slide, but now that I found out we're second banana...

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It is an ad. And it's been astroturfed to the front page. Look at the demographics. No one on Voat would really upvote a 3 hour old account selling shitty sunglasses made in China.

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Course it's like an ad the guy is trying to get his business name out there. As long as he gives some interesting and or insightful answers and keeps up his end of the AMA bargain I don't see too big a problem

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That's literally every single AMA since forever.

"Hey guiz its me agin, Huge Ackman, just stopping by to say hai and this has nothing to do with my new movie LOGAN in theaters February 21st and that's just a coincidence because I am one of you guiz! DAE video games?"

Come on people. XD

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No, it's not since forever. AMAs used to be anonymous people who were only verified by the mods. Much like "I am a convicted murderer. AMA" Then it quickly co-opted by businesses as cheap social media advertising. The ones without an agenda are usually the best.

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I just recently found out about this site :(. And i'm finding this site more charming than I was previously led on (by Redditors)

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Don't try to butter us up, you fucking whore.

Go. Back. To. Reddit.

There are no admins here to shut the people down for calling you out as a shill.

It's obvious you're using bought upvotes.

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Oh well that's understandable. This place isn't exactly easy to find without some direction from a friend or stranger online. Anyways are your prescription frames good quality? This is weird but I have oakleys and I think I'm allergic to the shitty cheap metal they use on their frames. My glasses get this weird blue liquid rust or something that collects in the rubber slips that go over each of the 2 arms of the glasses. I am not a fan of that. I need some frames that don't give me this bullshit

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Charming hahaha.

That is diplomatic you dirty faggot!

Cheers, it's cool you are either the world's best shill orghe real deal.

Bootstrap my man, work ever angle you can.

Also read up on the business model canvas and value prop design. It will help.

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Well, good luck in your affairs friend. Personally I'm entrepreneur struggling with a start-up so I know the fight... so seriously, good luck.

Oh and don't worry too much about the harsh treatment, uncensored forums tend to be like this. If you learn to stomach it, there is a lot of good stuff here. (And shit stuff too...)

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@Imbeefy How much did reddit charge you to let you shill your products over there? Did they offer to sell you an upvote boost too and how much did they want for it?

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Mama June has to have a pretty big crevice to fit all that butter and sketti.

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And for this comment alone, I will check your site.

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Hahaha holy shit. I love how brutal people are here. Welcome to our first and last marketing AMA.

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Good riddance for that I say

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You're nothing but an advertisement without an identity.

edit: buy an ad on the sidebar if you expect me to search public records. For all I know you're just a PR firm and I should ask you anything. Notice how other AMAs include a person's identity. For all I know I'm talking to some mental patient that likes your brand.

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What are you, gay?

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I'm gay for all these good deals

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Stick around, you fit right in.

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Do you carry Hillary Clinton Photosensitive Blue? One of he main problems with ordering prescription eyeglasses online is getting the prescribing physician, who is losing money by not selling their own glasses to write down the prescription accurately. Many write down something inaccurate so they can convince the patient that the mail order company can't make glasses. How does the patient best overcome that hurdle?

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As an optician, you should report them but its not uncommon to need a followup to check the Rx.

I'd say about 10% come back for a followup.

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This shit happened to me all the time as a kid. I distinctly remember a few times the second person I saw were scratching their head and telling me the first person fucked up royally. As an adult I don't have this problem. I started going to this one place that only does prescriptions. It's in a wal-mart of all places, but I haven't been fucked over yet.

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Those seizure glasses look very similar to https://civileyewear.com/product/monument-shield-shades/, but without the sexy Clinton. I can insure you that if you order your prescription lenses from us you will not get the wrong prescription! I cannot control other optometrists, but I can control the quality that gets sent out by mine.

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One guy locally is charging $20 bucks to measure pupiliary distance, because other local doctors refuse to measure it if they suspect the patient might be getting their eyeglasses mail order. Its a pain for both the patient and your business.

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So where do you source your frames from?

[–] imbeefy2 16 points 8 points (+24|-16) ago 

Full disclosure I source them from China, I grew up with a friend who moved back to China and we wondering why were glasses so expensive, then we came across Luxoticca which controls the pricing of sunglasses, as much as we would like to use an American company, most are owned by Luxottica and they are more expensiv, but I am a registered American Company!

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Fuck you for using Chinese labor. Sell them to the chinks, if you want them made by the chinks.

You've got some nerve, you fuckin' advertising drone.

The only place I think you could have less success shilling your shitty glasses to, would be 4chan.

Go back to Reddit, you thick cunt.

EDIT: What a surprise: The downvote brigade. Fuck you too. This AMA is spam, and you're not going to win this one.

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I'm not criticizing, just curious. I could count on one hand the companies that make their frames domestically, and of those most would just be using plastic.

I also understand the futility competing in a marketplace using domestic manufacturing if the other guys can undercut with foreign manufacturing, and I don't expect that problem to be solved by a minority of nationalists with spending money.

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We would really super love you if you would take the time to pay to advertise on voat. Unlike, the other place, we are running on user money.

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Looks like he already spent all his money on upvotes and comments.

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you think he's made of money? upvoat bots and shills cost a shit ton!

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