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Man....i was banned from every forum on the planet, and i was rarely being toxic. I hate moderators with a passion. The one i remember clearly was my last ban, after witch i stopped posting for a decade. It was the forum. A gametrailer for the game Rocksmith was posted and the actors in the video were kind of faggy and hipster, so i made a simple comment ,"haha feg". That's it. Not, "Look at these FUCKING FAGGOTS!". Just "haha feg".

Result? PERMABAN. Reason? "Zero tolerance of homophobia". Nigga wtf? I said "haha feg", that is hatred to you? And it was like this on every forum. After that feg ban, i stopped using forums altogether. Eight years go by, and i start posting to 4chan here and there, but even on 4chan i keep getting bened. Go to /v/ and say consoles are for brain-deads, get bened. Go to /soc/ and call a turkish person "roach", get bened. The ride never stops. So i discover reddit through 4chan calling it a faggot board, and i start lurking with no account. At that time the fattening was about to go down, and through that, i discover voat. A bastion of free speech, and the rest is history.

So there you go, no shitposting for me for close to a decade before voat. And here, i'm DEDICATED to escaping the harsh realities of the political world by shitposting. Thank you Atko and PuttItOut. Now i don't have to put up with cucks and trap porn on 4chan.

Moral of the story? KILL ALL MODERATORS.

As for the second part of your question, i would just like to be an un-benebel hax0r, so i could shitpost my revenge on all forums and shit them to destruction.

Edit: company went bankrupt about a year ago. I waited a decade for justice. Take that shitlickers.