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How do you feel finding out that by making a simple joke, the college was lying to you about the anonymity of the form and was actually collecting information about all the students? Seems like a serious breech of trust to me. What if a student feels threatened? They just demonstrated that the student is not guaranteed anonymity when reporting anything.


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They collect the identities of the students in case a student reports that they're feeling suicidal or that they might start killing people. Guaranteed.

The mouth-breather that broke the veil of anonymity because of some stupid gender bullshit is a class-A shitstain that should be removed from his or her position.

@Marsog, I advise you to go above that person's head and tell student resources that his actions make you feel one of your important methods of support has been cut off, and you feel you can't trust the people there to help keep you safe.

He'll be packing his shit by the end of the week--I also guarantee this. And when he is, you can pass him in the hall and go "FUT FUT FUT FUT FUT FUT FUT" with your arms out like you're a fucking helicopter.


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OMG - please, this.


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Laughed way too hard at this


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No no. He should go "WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP WOP" and then when he gets hemmed up about being racist, he can tell them they're being intolerant to his gender selection as he is of Huey stock (a family secret is that his mother is half Jetranger and oh the scandal that was!) and that is the sound a semi-rigid rotor system makes.


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Its fucking bullshit is what it is. No longer am I allowed to shit post on those surveys, tell people how I actually feel, etc. For me I don't really care about any counter attacks to me or my ability to study, since I've already been accepted to about a dozen other engineering schools around the country. Also they can't threaten me with lose of scholarship money, since they can't take away post 9-11 GI bill benefits or other military benefits (thats all handled by the VA, not the school office).

What worries me is the fact that other students won't speak up because of this, since many of them do have something to lose when it comes to scholarships and other funding. Honestly I think they were hoping for this to happen so that students would be scared to report anything since they might be tied to it.


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Sue em


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Any we here at Voat can take the surveys?


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The answer is to avoid the subject of what you did and counter attack about their anonymous survey. Immediately put them on the defensive.


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The thing is that they violated the anonymity of the survey, which means that those that they claim that want to protect are not only not protected but a potential target. They violated their own system and trust. They fucked it up big time.

It was a survey, a safe place based on anonymity. The moment they violated it, they broke the trust of all those minorities and individuals that they claim to protect. You have a strong case there.


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Read this as 'Handwringing Recognition Software'