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For OP and any other depressed goats lurking this thread. Go lift, 5x5 strong lifts is a good beginner program, but whatever works for you. If you have enough money for a powercage and weights, buy it. If not, get a cheap gym subscription, and head straight to the squat rack. You're gonna be weak because your depression has made you into a weak beta fucking male but that's OK. Stick with it and in 3-6 months you'll have more strength than you could imagine right now.

When you realize how strong you are your confidence will increase regardless of muscle size or definition. That confidence is a fucking aphrodisiac to women. It's hard to be depressed when most of the girls you interact with want to fuck you.

Diet is important but it's a x100 more important that you just fucking continuously lift. Also take 5 g's of creatine everyday (drink a shit load of water with this).


[–] FriendlyHumanBeing [S] ago  (edited ago)

If you are deep in depression, you'll never make gains. You literally do not have the energy to lift as much as you need to build muscle, let alone the motivation to maintain this long-term. Also factoring out how shit your appetite is and how much food you need to eat to gain.

You're putting the cart before the horse. Besides, there are buff dudes out there who are depressed. It's not a magical cure.

The best thing for a depressed person is affection and a sense of belonging. It may not make all their problems disappear, but they will be functional enough to better themselves. It's no wonder why cults can be so successful.


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The best thing for depression is lifting weights and smashing pussy. We're not gonna agree here OP, you go find comfort in your affection and sense of belonging. Just don't spread that weak ass defeatist attitude to the goats who actually want to better themselves. You gave up before you even tried and then made excuses to comfort yourself. Part of depression is that you constantly lie to yourself, but by all means OP, you've obviously got it all figured out.

Edit: I see in another post that you started lifting (recently?) so good on you man. My response still stands to anyone that believes they're to depressed to work out. Depression is a lethargic and depressing loop, but just forcing yourself to lift weights (even terrible form, terrible diet, wearing flip flops) three times a weak can be the consistency to break you out of that loop. The testosterone and natural dopamine from exercise play a big part in this too.