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[–] gummyboar 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

have you ever tried no fap?


[–] FriendlyHumanBeing [S] 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Yes and it's retarded.

Perhaps I can see the value in not using porn as a masturbation aid, but abstaining from jerking off as a whole is just stupid.

It's yet another red herring for young depressed males that lack self-awareness and perspective as to why they are actually miserable. Too bad people profit from this demographic. You'd think people would be more critical of these things after the collective realization of how faggy "Pickup Artists" are.

No one seems to care about depressed and vulnerable males. In fact, I think many hold contempt for them.


[–] gummyboar ago 

Well I don't think it is retarded. The idea is that your testosterone rises giving you more energy and drive to do something with your life. I btw have not fully abstained from jerking off, I go as long as I can go. Its harder then you would think (no pun intended). I now have held my part time job for longer then i have ever held a job before in my life. I work out multiple times a week and I have lost 15 pounds doing so. I actually want to see my friends and family.

I see it as it works for some people. If you don't have a testosterone and jerking off multiple times a day issue it most likely wont make a difference. I was open minded about it and hey it has helped.

I have been in the same boat as you with the anti depressants and the counseling. Both were a waste of time for me and I think most people who are truly depressed have that experience.


[–] ExpertShitposter ago 

Expert here.

You're not suppose to do nofap forever. People just become radical about it. The nofap is suppose to last 3months or more, and only the noporn is forever.


[–] zo34 ago 

In fact, I think many hold contempt for them.

I think this is because, under the veil of the not-manly-man, the "dumb dad" stereotype, and all the other garbage being spread about what a man is supposed to be, people still expect us to be strong, mature, have our shit together, and generally be the classical manly-man (a la Teddy Roosevelt).