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If we are going into the metaphysical, I stand to be more fatalist. I think that we might have a set of choices, but it's up to us to decide the outcome of them. I think we can also reward our ego by doing what pleases us. I have the choice to study for an exam, and do well on it, or I can blow it off, and face the consequences. Studying is going to suck, but in the end, through the tough shit, I'll be happy.

It's interesting that you bring up the tribe concept. I hate everyone, and love being alone for long periods of time. But contradictory to that, I work very well in groups, and get a lot out of groups and bringing ideas to the table to think of something even greater. Whether it be my audaciousness or whatever else, I think there needs to be a good balance.

At any rate, I wish you luck with your endeavors, and hope that you can find a path through life that suits you. Maybe you should take some time to write out some goals. Not nessisarily a "purpose", but it's something to work towards. Reward yourself when you're there.


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My two goals are:

  • Bench press my own weight, do a pull-up and squat two 45 plates.
  • Get a bachelors degree in physics

Then, I can finally feel like an actual man. It's not great to think how easy it is for someone to rape me, that worry should be reserved for women.

Thank you for your kind words.


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Keep on grinding at the gym! Squats boost testosterone. (Supposedly). And I'm working on my bachelors in aviation. Physics is a big part of it, and is a freaking blast.

Good luck!