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How bad are the hamplanets? Any interesting stories?


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This gym has been around since the 80's so we have a lot of older hams here. Its exciting to watch them in the mornings playing Xbox kinect bowling. Its meant for the kids whos parents go lift or swim but the beasts have overtaken the xbox because their way of thinking is "we have to move our arms to play this GAME.. so we are still technically working out." I can see them to my right some early mornings and when one of them throws their ginormous hamhawk towards the screen the sheer force of it all sends a seismic ripple through their entire body of lard. Needless to say its a fucked up thing to laugh at but by god i laugh my ass off. Then you have the fucking hams that hog.. literally hog the sauna. I caught one of them butt ass naked in the hotbox when i was cleaning the locker room. fuck that was bad. good thing we have an eye rinse station downstairs.


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Put a sign that says "Games only for those children waiting for their parents working out"


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Install some Wii Fit boards in that room.


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not as interesting as the story of the broom handle fucking but its in the realm lol. "get mammas fuckin stick"

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