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I think you're over-estimating how much money you could've made as a domme. I know 2, that do it in S.F., and still have to work full time jobs, as the domme market is so niche, and with the restrictions you posted above, I would find it very difficult to believe you were working more than a few clients just a few times a month. What city did you work in? How many clients did you see? And any older advertisements you could link for us?


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You're not wrong -- but it really is what you make of it. I had to hustle hard to get the gig going; I was probably spending 20+ hours sending messages on various websites to get each client, but my retention rate was good. After about 18 months, I was in pretty high demand in NYC, seeing at least 10 clients a week without trying too hard ( a couple were wealthy and saw me almost every week). I put myself through school, tuition, etc and had a good amount of money saved up to live on by the time I began my vanilla job search. I also made connections with a couple more experienced dommes who were kind enough to pass their sloppy seconds / the clients who couldn't afford their rates to me.

Sorry, I can't share any links.

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Private clients could easily bring in $250 for an hourlong session. You can't make that much in a dungeon, because you have to split it with the house. With a few regular private clients, it can be pretty lucrative.


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