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You said lonely, do you mean this in a relationship way or a mentally kind of way? We're the majority of your clients single successful men in search of something or were they in relationships looking for escape?


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Ooofda, big question.

I would like to be able to say that the (almost always wealthy) men who saw me were just looking to explore, get something off their chest, experience something new, or basically pay for a boutique one-on-one strip club type of thing.

Sadly, that's not what I found. More than anything, these guys were deeply isolated - not just from women or from their wives, but in general. I can't tell you how many times a man twice my age told me something like "I've never told anyone this" or "I feel like you're the only person I can talk to" or "You're the only person I can be myself around."

I really think my clients' fetishism was a kind of symptom of a lifetime of bottled-up feelings, experiences, desires. (Not to say wanting to get spanked once in a while is bad - I'm talking about this particular group). For instance, I am intimately familiar with "the midlife crisis." I've talked people through major life decisions (e.g. whether to retire or change careers) simply because they haven't found anyone else they believe they can approach without fear of judgment.

As weird as it sounds, I think I got a good number of repeat clients not because I'm some kind of bombshell (actually I was a little overweight the entire time and was friends with some actual models working the same scene), but because I'm a good listener -- and also, once you've seen somebody naked and shown them that their deep dark insane scary secret fantasy is really not a big deal, they breathe easy around you.

TL;DR: My clients had one thing in common: I was the closest thing they had to someone who they could be totally honest with. If that weren't the case, they wouldn't be seeing me. Some of them even had wives/girlfriends who knew they were seeing a professional domme, and they still saw me, because there was something they felt they couldn't express with anyone else.

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I really think my clients' fetishism was a kind of symptom of a lifetime of bottled-up feelings, experiences, desires.

Some people believe certain fetishes are symptoms of mental issues. Can you elaborate on that? Each case is different of course but did you have certain clients that were a bit of a mess in that department?


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I can see that being very difficult for you. That is a lot of unexpected and unnecessary pressure. Some would see a psychiatrist or therapist but if talking to a Dom after being fully exposed is what it takes, who is to say no? On the whole I get that wasn't what you were signing up for. That's for the answer.