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I never did that although it definitely did cross my mind.

There is a price to pay (that is not in the actual tuition, during class is when you are meant to ask clarifying questions on the material) on the subject matter that has been condensed and organised in such a way that you get a time benefit out of it. What I mean by that is that you would learn faster by the structure of the book.

Also, there is another reason why professors publish books, it's in their contract. In order to get rehired, professors need to have enough 'research points' in order to secure their re-hiring. Sometimes this takes the form of book publishing. Now I am not saying that $100 is a fair price to pay for a book, if I were to publish a book it would be in the $10 - $20 range. Professors do not make a huge amount of money especially if you break it down to the amount of work they do outside the class (we only get paid per teaching hour) so I can understand why some professors may do this.

It's an unfortunate situation that students will be out of pocket paying for tuition and books, but either way you would be paying for it. If you didn't pay for the books, it would be built into your tuition. Universities usually have their own publishing houses that take a massive percentage of the price of the book. So if the book is $100 then the professor may only get $20 of that sale.

I don't agree with it, but I do acknowledge that the time spent creating that material is worth money. In the States it is a bit more horrendous because of the insanity of your tuition prices.