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Ok, finishing rolling and now I'm smoking. be back in 2 mins

Alright, I quit for a number of reasons (I said some in my comment in this tread). But the main reason was because of the students. I felt that they were getting a great deal (cost of tuition for them was very low and I was quite good at what I did) but the minority 10-15% was very vocal about their displeasure about the uni and the course. I worked hard 70-90 hours a week in some cases and that was not recognised or respected in any form.

Some of the complaints I had to deal with were as follows:

  • The workload was too difficult (although they never were in the labs)
  • The 20 minute commute from their dorms to the labs was 'too long' (although most of my friends in the industry have at least an hour commute, plus, you know, they could have bought (or rented from the uni) a fucking bike)
  • My criticism of their work (which is what grading consists of) was unfair
  • Could we possibly lower the total hours (lectures and assignments) to less than 50 hours per week (in my opinion you have to do 60+ to be a professional)

I found it difficult to understand their position. I wanted them to excel in the subject because entry into the industry is not easy, they wanted an easy time within university and failed to realise that university life is more difficult than real life. I tried hard to treat them the same as the industry would and not lie to them.

I often thought that a good entry requirement for university was for students to have a minimum requirement of 2 years in part-time work. A lot of the students I taught never experienced the reality of shitty part time work and they were fearless of failure, they were paying for beers with their parents credit card (I know this because I know the bar owner of the student bar they go to when their cards were cancelled by their parents and they told the bartender about this).

They don't seem to recognise the effort put into good courses and complained thinking there would be no consequence, well I guess me leaving is my final lesson to them. Don't complain unless you are certain that the alternative is better than the current situation you are in.

I don't expect massive respect for what I do, the same respect that you give a convenience shop worker or a McDonalds cashier would have sufficed but they never attempted to do that. I don't get paid enough to deal with that bullshit.