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Third level education is a necessary evil, you learn a lot more than just your subject.

University is not for everybody, you may not like to sit in front of a screen or a book for a long period of time, if you have the discipline to do that then it's a good place to cut your teeth. You learn how to live with people, pay the bills, work a second job and learn delayed gratification. You have to turn down social nights in order to get your assignment done. The majority of students (including myself) are not that way inclined, it's a paradigm shift that takes place incrementally over a number of years. I believe that this is the real value of university, once you come out of it you have the confidence to work hard, despite rough times and eventually achieve results.

University is for students who do not have the motivation or discipline to educate themselves (this is a large portion of the population). If you have zeroed in on what you want to do at a young age, AND have the discipline and motivation an apprenticeship or learning online is better than university learning.

You do not need a high priced university to learn the above. I have worked alongside private colleges that run into $160,000 for their four year tuition and I question whether or not they really get the benefit of that money. I won't get into my subject here but it deals with programming and you could take that amount of money, buy yourself a high end computer and learn everything you need to know online. The only question is are you motivated to do it.

The last thing I'll say is that some university's have good business contacts, that may be part of the fee but fuck me it better be worth it.