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Those who can't do, teach.

I used to hate that sentence, but after my experience in the industry I have to admit there is a nugget of truth to that.

Let me explain the difference, if you are a good teacher you will spend 60+ hours a week in order to put out quality courses but the vast majority of people in the industry are pure fucking piss-takers and they do not care about the educational impact of their work. It's a sad situation but it's true, once you're in the system it is very difficult to get those losers out.

I quit mainly due to bureaucracy and the difficulty in trying to change the system. Also, the administration that is passed off onto teachers eat up a huge amount of time which should be spent on improving their courses. The students unfortunately have gotten progressively worse (been teaching for 5 years). They have become unbelievably entitled to what they want out of courses and the university itself, to the point that anyone who is capable of teaching will quit uni because they don't want to listen to little whiny bitches on top of an incredibly demanding job.

Every semester I was 'graded' by my students, I had excellent responses such as 'this has been the best teacher I have ever had' along with 'this teacher was disrespectful to the students and should not be allowed to teach' in the same class. If your teaching score was low then you would be given a warning letter and this would effect your promotion and re-hiring within the university. I would accept any criticism if any qualified teacher would sit in my class and grade my teaching but instead it was relegated to students with a vested interest or a chip on their shoulder to grade my class. 90% of replies were either back slapping or completely vindictive.

I'm done with this shit, let the students get what they paid for, which is fuck all to begin with. They had a great deal at the beginning and they decided to piss on it. They do not know that I have quit and next semester they will have to deal with the consequences of their bitching. I have been in contact with the uni and so far they have had to hire two different professors to replace me. AMAA