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I really want to get in to a huge project me and a friend been thinking of, but i just get down on myself so much.

I feel like i'm in some kind of bad loop of a mindset. I'll plan things out at night feel really good and never able to go to bed, still be up at 3-5am and contemplate just staying up all night to reset my sleep schedule and then end up saying nah and falling asleep. Only to wake up so late that I feel bad about myself and have no want to do anything. Then I don't eat because i think i don't "deserve" it then end up eating way too much only to get hungry a few hours later because it's been so long since I eaten.

However, last night I said fuck it and started working out. My back is messed up so I literally can't do a push up, so I did a weird variation of it, my back didn't hurt but i could feel the burn of my upper body but I just kept going til i couldn't do any more. Read a couple pages of a book I been meaning to read then fell asleep around 5. Now it's 4pm just woke up about an hour ago and i feel like shit because it's so late, all over again.


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Practice some discipline. A path is not made with a single foot step. You must walk back and forth, over and over.

Can I make the assumption your diet it poor and full of caffine?


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I need to get in that mindset and focus on the next step instead of the end goal.

I don't eat junk food or sweets or bad stuff, just eat a lot. No caffeine or soda for probably the last 10 years, strictly water.