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I am a huge supporter of the so-called socialist healthcare system. No one has an issue paying the fire department to keep the town from burning, or the police department to keep the streets safe, but once healthcare is brought up - it's all of a sudden a controversial topic. We pay for insurance, and if we don't we're fined. I don't see how that is any different than a tax. And I don't think taxes need to be raised, just used more responsibly - an issue our government already has.

The current system is a huge clusterfuck and my solution is ideal, but most first world countries adopted this method and it works well for them. I would like to live in a society where a man down on his luck doesn't have to worry about being in debt for the rest of his life or death.


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I can confirm. Health care is one worry no one has up here. Looking at it as a service is good way to think of it. Why do you think America is so put off by the idea?


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If you see an unemployed 400lb diabetic smoker having a hard time getting up stairs, it's tough to say we're OK paying for their insulin and cancer treatments coming of of an 80hr work week and now even MORE of your pay goes to taxes.

That usually leads into the fun discussion of who should be qualified for healthcare. If an 80yr old retiree is diagnosed with prostate cancer, their chances at survival are almost zero. Should society spend the $500k in treatments to help them die more slowly from the cancer? Or should we cut our losses and wish them the best of luck? Economics says let them die. Once they've crossed retirement, they're no longer taxpayers.

The majority of lifetime healthcare spending is at end of life, and there is a pretty big profit incentive to simply cut that off. Sounds horrible when you're young, but even worse when you're old, but look at the way government has trended worldwide. Don't you think Greece would be considering a "death panel" if they found out it could cut their healthcare spending by 20%?

There's also the argument that "free market" medicine encourages competition. Hospitals will strive to be better and cheaper because folks can choose to go elsewhere. A socialized hospital system would make it OK for doctors and administrators to stop striving to innovate. Personally, this is the most flawed argument, as I feel basic humanity and strive for fame will keep competition healthy for this.


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Just corporate greed.


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Trouble is when it is not a few people down on their luck, but when it is a system which has created a huge underclass of non-contributing individuals which creates a huge burden in those who do contribute, and a moral hazard for those who don't.

In the context of total employment or even a high number I think what you're saying makes sense, but that is far from the case, unfortunately.


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Entering US healthcare system is #1 mortality indicator. Not joking.