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what's the best way to begin improving yourself?


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Do something consistently. If you want to write a novel, set a time and write every day. Good stuff will come eventually. If you want to get in shape set a time to work out and do it every day. On your rest days, stretch and meditate, but get into the habit.

You will suck at it at first and will want to quit. You'll think you're not good enough and never will be. This is normal, work past it. A few weeks ago, I couldn't do 5 push ups, now I'm doing 30 in a few minutes.

You know what you're putting off, so get to it. Set small easy to meet goals and when you accomplish this, set the bar higher.


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I really want to get in to a huge project me and a friend been thinking of, but i just get down on myself so much.

I feel like i'm in some kind of bad loop of a mindset. I'll plan things out at night feel really good and never able to go to bed, still be up at 3-5am and contemplate just staying up all night to reset my sleep schedule and then end up saying nah and falling asleep. Only to wake up so late that I feel bad about myself and have no want to do anything. Then I don't eat because i think i don't "deserve" it then end up eating way too much only to get hungry a few hours later because it's been so long since I eaten.

However, last night I said fuck it and started working out. My back is messed up so I literally can't do a push up, so I did a weird variation of it, my back didn't hurt but i could feel the burn of my upper body but I just kept going til i couldn't do any more. Read a couple pages of a book I been meaning to read then fell asleep around 5. Now it's 4pm just woke up about an hour ago and i feel like shit because it's so late, all over again.