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I remember a while ago you were looking down different spiritual paths, what's happening there? Also why is v/justgrowit so quiet lately?


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I am always looking down different spiritual paths. The occult caught my eye a few months ago (I recommend listening to the mystery school on YouTube, I submit link earlier today on v/ThePath). It's not what it appears to be at all.

JustGrowIt is slow because the growing season is over and I've been away from Voat for a bit. I'm also moving next year, so I won't be growing much. I'm a little sad about that, but I'm going be making more money soon, which means I'll be working towards my dream farm.

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That's a healthy attitude but don't forget to earnestly examine The Bible.

V/justgrowit is one of my favorite sub's good to hear it's more of a seasonal thing, I've been meaning to post my recent efforts lol

Goodluck on the move mate, I'm sure it'll be an interesting/rewarding change!