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Even though this is not my AMA I am going to go with the google s at Hooters.

@subsonic0702 This leads to an interesting question, was the ratio of blacks / whites / hispanics of Hooters' customers similar to the ratio of whites / blacks / hispanics in the local area?

(I've never even been to the Americas so I have no experience with Hooters at all)


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The race ratio depended on which location you were at, and what events were going on. At the downtown Dallas location the AA center (called Reunion then) hosted basketball and hockey games, as well as other events. The crowd race mix there sort of depended on the event going on. Hockey = mostly white mid aged guys. Basketball was mostly Blacks. Soccer was largely Hispanic crowds and so on. In locations that didn't have major events around them, I'd say the restaurant reflected the mix of people in that city like you mentioned.