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So your BFOQ actually included being pretty? Was there a bra cup size qualification? Height/weight qualification? It's hard to believe that New York and California would not find a way to challenge that. But don't mess with Texas.


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The company goal was a cheerleader like girl next door, but that's pretty subjective. Most GM's took care of the hiring, though asst managers could do it sometimes. If you hired a girl that didn't meet the image of your regional or higher you could get a lot of shit for it. No cup size qualifications at all as long as they were fit looking. I actually like natural breasts, even if they're smaller so I tended to hire girls with fit legs and flat stomachs no matter what cup size.. The orange shorts were called dolphins, and there was an unwritten rule that no size above a small was stocked in the stores, but there were some girls that wore mediums that were super fit with a little junk in the trunk. I had a couple of awkward interviews where the girl that wanted the job knew other girls that worked there and knew that we needed help. Turning them down was the toughest.

Another awkward time was when an existing girl gained weight. When they were hired we took a polaroid pic of them and it went on the front of their file folder. I had a regional manager come in once and made me pull her aside and tell her she needed to get back to looking like when we hired her. She was an awesome girl and still hot, but she got pissed and left her shift. We're still friends to this day.