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Good question... Both have some crazy ass people. The only customers that ever bothered me at Hooters were drunk mouthy guys. Sometimes I'd have to go to tables and let them know we want them to have a good time, but they cant be grabbing the girls and shit. If I had to go out again, it was usually to kick them out. I did get maced in the face once in the Irving location when a credit card came back stolen and the CC company asked me to detain the customer. that sucked. Another time I had a guy come in and try to repossess the engagement ring off one of the girls fingers, while she was still wearing it. That got physical. For the most part gun store customers that I consider the worst are either know it alls, or time eaters that never buy anything. I do remember having to clean up shit and vomit in bathrooms a couple of times at hooters, so I guess I'd say those dudes were the worst... So by all that logic, Hooters wins, but I had tons more customers there than at the gun shop.


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Makes sense. At a gun shop all the customers know you're armed.

...Now I want a gentleman's club where the dancers wear guns in open-carry holsters and nothing else. You could call it Shooters. (Or, for a gay club, Gunshow.)