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Restaurant management is a tough biz to stay in long term, plus everyone thinks managing 50-60 18-26 year old hot girls is awesome, but wait until you have to find 12 of them to work on a Saturday night shift when they all want to go out.


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I was about to ask if you just can't set up a schedule, but I think I'm mistaking what kind of people work at Hooters.


[–] subsonic0702 [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

Usually the GM delegates scheduling to a mid level manager. When I was doing it I would put up a blank schedule the week before and let the girls mark off times they couldn't work. I tried to honor everyone's requests, but you had to have so many on the floor depending on the shift so I had to make a lot of girls work shifts they didnt want to.