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The payout of the game can be changed however you have to open the machine and it requires elevated access at the game level. Also, casinos usually have some sort of access log for each machine, require two people from separate departments to access certain parts of the machine (dual key), and cameras that cover the entire slot floor. If he did change the payout of a game the casino would find out pretty quickly. There is no special sequence of buttons to press to make the game pay out more.

There have bee instances in the past where bugs were discovered and used to a players advantage.


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Good reply. On top of it there jurisdictional limits the games can be set to. Even with setting it to the highest payout the game is still programmed to make money.


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There are "show games" that can be installed on the slot machine that have payouts set very high (over 100%), however I doubt vendors would ever give those out to a casino. If someone managed to install one of those on a game on the floor the casino would have to be completely inept to not figure it out pretty quickly.


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Interesting, thanks for the response.


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Remember folks, 90% payout in the long run means it's still making money for the house. Period.