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How do you get money for all the travel if i may ask


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Hi, sure - The project budget of $20/day covers transport, meals, accommodation and visas. It is meant as an average over the entire journey. In some countries I'm above while in other countries I'm below. My current overall average is slightly above but so far I have covered most of the expensive countries. I see it coming down and believe that the budget will stick (more or less). It was sponsored by Ross Offshore until March 2016:

Since then it has been self funded and I'm running out. If I do not succeed to find a new sponsor then I'll try crowdfunding.


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I met a guy from Switzerland who has been doing what OP has desrcribes for the past 5 years.

He had a college degree and taught geography for a while, and he lived with parents and just accumulated money. Now he hasnt been in his home country in 5 years but he plans on returning next year.

I can tell you that he lives very cheaply, he buys shitty vehicles, sleeps in them, then sells them whwt he no longer lives in that country.

He was a pretty cool dude, he also has a girlfrirnd (also swiss) who he managed to get her to tag along. She works at a pharmacy in their country.