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Mycophobia is a big problem in our dietary discourse, not even considering the psychedelics (which I believe deserve vast investment in research) standard, old growth forest, gourmet mushrooms like Lion's Mane improve cognition, invokes neuro-genesis, and in general improves your life. I almost hate to link to a product, it seems so sleezy, but my life has been improved by this product, I swear by it, I encourage everyone to be skeptic, do some research. I did my research, took the chance and bought some. It was clear after about a week, more connections in the brain, "out-of-the-box" thoughts happened 5-10x more often. This is my experience, I'm one man, but I feel so strongly about this, don't disregard me without doing a tidbit of research, I implore you! I'm not anyone's adversary by default, I want everyone to improve themselves and be the person you always dreamed you could be.

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Tried microdosing shrooms once or twice a week. It greatly boosted my mood, lifted energy levels and even became more social (Overdosing makes me a paranoid recluse).